The LA based netlabel Lush Selects presents the first edition of a new compilation series with a very diverse selection of open-minded, high standard future beats.

Future beats or future bass, what’s in a name, is definitely the most accessible and mainstream movement of the post-EDM world and often anointed EDM’s successor by many mainstream blogs. That may explain why we haven’t been following it very closely at Generation Bass. Which is a pity, because in Global Bass’ move away from the focus on EDM festival bangers, there’s no need to re-invent the wheel. And we’re missing a lot of great music too.

The fact that Lush Selects has not only a leg in the mainstream future beats movement but another in post-internet avant-garde gives this label a unique underground character which clearly shows in their releases. ‘LUSH: 001’ is an impressive compilation with music from mostly American producers, with some contributions from France, Turkey, Hawaii and New Caledonia.

It is too lengthty to review every track, but the influences and sounds truly vary from classic hiphop, house and UK bass to ambient jazz, 80s spacedelica, shoegaze and surprisingly a lot of ‘tribal’ percussion which make some of the tracks the perfect bridge towards transnational vibes.

Grab the pack here for free!


#1. Lokee – It’s Raining

#2. Pro​E▲ZY – Ex Lover From Another Planet

#3. Rightclik – Pounding

#4. Sunareht – Film

#5. Weaver Beats – Ride

#6. b r ◊ d y – Sorry

#7. Ryle’s Rabbit – On Earth It Exists

#8. B-Dibe – Kenni

#9. Cookie Monster Galaxy – AIRPORT

#10. DM. – Breakdown

#11. Azalea Banks – Chasing Time (Dopa Remix)

#12. Max Indigo – Northstar

#13. SMiTH* – Star Crossed Eyes

#14. Arkeytexture – In the Shadow of Oneself

#15. Cancer Dialysis – The Mist

#16: Koyö – Life

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