About 5 years ago, after witnessing Omar Souleyman live and meeting the great man, I had a convo with Drvg Cvltvre about doing some Techno Dabke remixes of his material and his label at the time, Sublime Frequencies were up for it too. But we never got around to it.

Some years later, he’s worked with Bjork and has been produced by Four Tet and now 2 of my favourite electronic producers in the entire universe, the unique and amazing Modeselektor.

Modeselektor haven’t been too adventurous with this new production, keeping to familiar Souleyman territory, was hoping for a far more darker electronic vibe along the lines of their material but it’s all cool, it’s such a great and epic track anyway.

Brilliant stuff and let the Arabic renaissance continue.

Modeselektor are no strangers to Transnational vibes themselves as this great and classic track testifies, which I snuck on Arabtronix Volume 3:

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