We love to support some of the indigenous labels doin’ it for themsleves and Naafi are one such label doin’ it for Mexican Bass music in all its forms. Hence why we agreed to permit them to release our Javier catalogue on CD whilst we retained Digital rights because that is the perfect home for it.

Their Creative Director just dropped this mix for ID and it’s a really interesting concept:

Alberto Bustamante, a.k.a. Mexican Jihad, is originally from Oaxaca, Mexico. He is the creative director of N.A.A.F.I, his independent record label. He’s currently developing the brand #MexicanJihad by doing DJ sets that include genre frictions and easy to dance music like perreo, Mexican club music and mainstream pop.

​1. Horror Piano (LAO Tormenta Costeña Ha Mash) -Unknown Artist
​2. Comprendes Mendes -Control Machete
​3. Wiggle (Version Perreo Dj Bekman)
​4. Lo Vamos A Danzar (Perreo RMX) -Ivy Queen ?- DJ Bekman
​5. Mi Vecinita -Plan B
​6. Maldades -La Mafia del Amor
​7. Wudang (ZUTZUT & LAO reggaeton bootleg) -Fatima AlQadiri
​8. Vernáculo -Future Brown ft. Maluca
​9. Nuestro Combo Mixeo (CULO) -DJ Hate
​10. Mix Jhon Erick Edition Bachetera -DJ AZA
​11. 96 Rakata ?- House Party (Thursty Moore Mash-up) -Wisin Y Yandel & Meek Mill
​12. Perreo Mágico 4 La Mafia del Amor -LAO + Paul Marmota
​13. Préndelo -Tomasa del FT. Ceaese
​14. Buena Vida -Füete Billete
​15. Bossy Instrumental/Bossy-Kelis Ft. Too Short
​16. Lloren -Zonora Point ft. Marciano’s Crew
​17. Tu No Lo Sabes -Jose Victoria Ft Manny LMP
​18. No Type (Spanish Version) -Gio El Androide

Head to to read his Slumber Session interview.

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