FAAUNA guys (formerly FAUNA) from Argentina has just released a new single/video! The single actually announces their new album, coming in mid-2015. Prepare yourself to a healthy dose of psychedelic cumbia!



All text below is their info about the single:
“FAAUNA presents “San Pedro”. a preview of “Psicodelia Cosa Seria” (CCL019) the new album of the pioneers of electronic cumbia, that will be release by the middle of 2015. An album that will make fly and dance to everyone who pass by a soundsystem. We are actually releasing the videoclip of “San Pedro” produced and edited by Los Universos Islas and directed by Mariano Di Césare. You can listen the track by courtesy of CONCEPTO CERO´s soundcloud, so everybody can sing along “Yo te quiero ver, al amanecer” (“I wanna see you… at breaking dawn”). Close your eyes and just listen” AND GRAB THE TRACK FOR FREE:



“San Pedro” ​is an electronic cumbia at 100 bpm, with a mantric mood wich rounds and rounds, and takes you high to look at yourself from above. It was produced by Arun y La Cumbia (a pseudonym for a mexican young producer that have lived in Mendoza and that becomes from FAAUNA´s fan into a collaborator).”

“Psicodelia Cosa Seria” (CCL019) will be the third album of FAAUNA (previously known as Fauna). It will contain 10 tracks featuring different artists and the production of El Chavez.
Color Kit (Cristian Del Negro) y Zai (Arturo Gueglio) embody FAAUNA’s message: two musicians & two MC´s, with an electronic heart that pumps global ghetto beats and lyrics with
different layers of interpretation. Between metaphysics and shamanism. Recycle, stop consumption without reflection. With their music they inspire a new spiritual way of life linked to action”.



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