Tasty Electro from the head honcho of one of my favourite re-issue labels of recent years, Dark Entries!

Here’s what’s said:

We are extremely honored and happy to present to you this exclusive mix by Josh Cheon. Josh resides in San Francisco and is part of the 4-piece DJ collective known as HONEY Soundsystem. Apart from that, he is also the owner of the very notorious record label called Dark Entries recordings. Over the last five years, Dark Entries has been responsible for some of the most in-demand re-issues hitting the market, re-releasing works from bands and artists like Borghesia, The Neon Judgement, Eleven Pond and the great Patrick Cowley.

In this mix he serves us 100 minutes of brutal electro business, focussing mostly on the sounds that were coming from the EBM/Industrial/New Beat scene during the 80’s. It fits really tight with the Dark Entries catalog so far and is a great example of it’s aesthetic.

Dark Entries has just released three amazing albums by Portion Control, Moral and Lena Platonos and is about to release two albums by Joe Crow and Thomas Leer later this month. Definetly worth checking those out. We advise you to keep following the links below so you can keep track on any news regarding future Dark Entries releases, HONEY Soundsystem events and Josh Cheon himself. Enjoy.

@darkentriesrecords on Soundcloud
@honeysoundsystem on Soundcloud

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