Cool Middle Eastern Hip Hop beats via this mixtape courtesy of DJ No Breakfast, I personally think it’s time he had some Breakfast, it’s an important meal to start the day lol.

Here’s what he says:

A selection of fine beatmakers and MCs from Lebanon, Syria, Palestine, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, and more. Featuring tracks by Osloob, El Rass, Edd Abbas, Geezus, Mazaj (b3dne 8ash), Hello Psychaleppo, Khan El Rouh, Al Asli, Boikutt, Nora Amb, Anas Arabi, Abyusif, Asifeh, Flako and MF Doom at the end are both coming from U.S.A.

Grab the tracklist from the playa:

HIP HOP from THE MIDDLE EAST by Dj No Breakfast on Mixcloud

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