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Not that i didn’t want to write anymore. I think i just needed time to find something appropriate to write about, something also suitable for you readers.

Luckily my SC and my mailbox got me a bunch of new interesting sounds. I hope you’ll love them, a couple of them are really surprising…


Why this mixtape ? You might feel disappointed by my choice. Lots of Brostep, poppy synths and female casual vocals. True. But there are a bunch of really acute great choices. I could write about the sounds without mentioning my source. So whatever we may think of this tape, San Francisco DJ and producer Illenium deserves to be rewarded for picking up and assembling these sounds.

In this tape you’ll find this rather amazing track by Troyboi, half of the very creative Londonian Sound​Snobz duo. Difficult to find a category for their music, it’s something of their own.

This track by Andru. deserves also some good attention.

Ambient synths, fat kicks and ghostly vocals. The result is really appealing.

Also included in the mix, this track by Elènne feat. Mothica has the nice groovy seducing flavour represented by the Alt RnB trend. Downtempo with lots of sidechain compressing, beautiful vocals cutting through in the soundmix.

Elènne is a project created in 2013. The band (or solo artist) in based in Stuttgart in Germany.

All the sounds can be downloaded for free. I have to say it requires some efforts however, some of you will not take the step as you have most of times to follow the artists via Artist Intelligence Service (which i do not appreciate, even though it’s effective for the artists) or create a Dropbox account. It’s really up to you. It’s not bad to follow an artist that gave you something you like, maybe it’d had been more pleasant to do it without so much sollicitation…


Photo credit : cover from Troyboi‘s Do You ? track.




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