Excellent compilation release for a great cause too.

Here’s what it’s about:

Dhawa Sunrise’ is an exclusive compilation based around the Outtallectuals themes of future-thinking and/or ethnic inspired texture-heavy music. The aim of the album will be to fund the provision of equipment for a Science Lab at the Shree Prabhat Higher Secondary School in Dhawa, Gorkha, Nepal.

Dhawa is a rural village in Nepal which lies deep in the hills of Gorkha district of Nepal. The small village which houses around 5000 people has 3 schools for different academic levels. There are a total of 445 students in the Shree Prabhat Higher Secondary School.

We have gathered the required material and their cost, and using funds from this album, we will use the most economically feasible sources to buy the equipment. The funds will go straight to the equipment (no label / execution cost) and they will be taken to the village.

Cover artist: SadhuX – One of the pioneers of graffiti in Nepal.

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