Generation Bass presents: GBMIX#4! Tribilín Sound

Next edition has landed: April Mixtape mixed and compiled by Tribilín Sound!


01 Qapac- Solar
02 Babylon Fall feat. JMan (Silly Tang Remix)
03 Lascivio Bohemia – La Cumbia de Los Viajeros
04 El Tunche Soundsystem – Cumbia Insurgente
05 El Barba Dub – Tenga Pa Que Se Entretenga
06 Lascivio Bohemia – Saboralia
07 Los Ribereños – Silbando (Tribilin Sound Treatment)
08 Dj Neber – Cumbia inzolente
09 Pa Kongal – Guayaba
10 Black Mandingo & Relo – Trippin
11 La Luna – Ther Mind
12 Tribilin Sound – Faquer
13 Chulkiboi – Eat Me

Techno Arabe Volume 2

TA VOL2purple1

Techno Arabe is a dark, dystopian Techno journey into the heart of the Middle East.

Whereas, Arabtronix is about Bass & Electronic sounds incorporating Middle Eastern elements and Arabtek is more about House, Tech House, Minimal, Techno, Electronic and a variety of other Middle Eastern sounding stuff, Techno Arabe is what it says on the tin. Heavy Techno influenced dance music with tinges of Middle Eastern sounds.

It’s a journey and it’s the kind of stuff you could play at a “rave” (preferably outdoor) anywhere in the world in front of an audience who appreciate dark, industrial sounding dance music. It’s sure to get a crowd rocking hard.

As usual, recorded live on CDJ’s with manual mixing and with no pre or post production work. Basically, a live DJ mix, like all my mixes are!

Download Volume 2 now:

TECHNO ARABE VOLUME 2 [May 2015] by Dj Umb on Mixcloud

Al Rajul Al Hadidi : IIالرجل الحديدي


Interesting material here from an Underground Electronic Lebanese artist. As many of you already know, I luv my 80’s Lebanese Love Songs!

Underground sounds from the Middle East are always well worth checking out and an exciting find, for me perhaps the most exciting of any music anywhere in the world.

This has some very interesting sound collages and ideas within it. Not just focused on the Middle East but some Indian influence too.



Our boy Mayur from Bandish Projekt has developed quite a speciality at turning in brilliant Dubstep, DnB and Bass remixes of songs from Bollywood movies. Here’s his latest from the movie “Holiday”. It’s a snarling Bollywood Bass Remix with emotions intact:

Conscious Scofield : Orchestral Afro House Beat


One of the only remaining decent things about Soundcloud nowadays (especially when you have lesser time to find sounds as is the case with me due to my burgeoning business interests) is when one of your friends reposts a track that leads you to it. Tip o’ hat 2 2pekes from DZC for reposting this one.

Loving this Afro House tune with loads of Big Room Orchestral stabs, great stuff:

Digging the crate : Slow joe after the accident


I think Slow Joe was part of the first article i wrote for Generation Bass. Blues one of the strongest music ever created has moved generations of music lovers, it infiltrated other music styles, disappeared and reappeared in unexpected places around the world.

Slow Joe’s story looks like an accident – I am not going to re-write what i said about Slow Joe, but the unlikely encounter of Cédric de la Chapelle  – guitarist and member of the French band the Ginger Accident -, with Slow Joe in Goa brought about a beautiful musical project, a salvation for the old man certainly and a burst of fame for the Ginger Accident band.

After a few years and two albums Joseph Manuel da Rocha aka Slow Joe is still doing fine, with a true energy on stage and quality – though classic -, productions.

Slow Joe & The Ginger Accident
A1 I need a Woman
A2 When are you comin’ home
B1 One more Time

Production : Caravelle / Back to Mono Records

The mint of this 45T is rather disappointing, unless i got the only faulty copy, but well there’s a bump on the B-side that spoils the listening. The sleeve itself is really nice and has a sentimental value as it the first mint before Sony and Néance worked on a second release.

Rathero- Gatas Abajo [Big Room Reggaeton]


Massive new Big Room Reggaeton track just dropped from our dude Rathero beautifully timed for all the summer festivals. It’s a track that features a sample by Reggaeton power duo Alexis y Fido and Rathero uses it and turns in a massive banger.

2PeKes : Kuduro (Afro Remixes)


2Pekes is one of our favourite producers from the Portuguese Bass Underground and a member of the fantastic Portuguese Power Group, DZC Deejays.

He’s just put together a playlist of his Kuduro bangers focusing on Afro remixes and it’s a must grab if you haven’t downloaded these already:

Tilha : Ai Ai [#FutureTarraxo]


I love the melodies and atmospheres this Portuguese dude conjures up, been a long time follower and for me he’s still doing it.

Following on from the same #FutureTarraxo moods he created for the “Disintegration Tarraxo” EP which we dropped on the Generation Bass label, here’s more of the same and I can never get enough of this vibe.