A new track from Estonian producer Bert On Beats that will be a welcome addition for my next Arabtronix mix instalment. Arabic Bass has certainly started coming to the fore more and more in the past 12-18 months and that’s an encouraging development cause the Middle East has always been a 1st choice for me.

B.O.B tackles Arabic Bass in superior fashion and crafts an immensely enjoyable floor stomper of a Dabke Bass track and its to kick off his new free DL series “Bert On Friday’s”. He’ll give out a free choon on his soundcloud on every first friday of the month.

And as he says:

“If you like these middle-eastern over amplified double-reed mijwiz and oud sounds, handclaps with compelling vocal cuts, then its yours! These are dabke influenced beats from north side of the globe. Those who take the bride and groom as enemies won’t be forgiven! :)”

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