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I always come up with good excuses to breach my commitment and cease writing for a long periods, even worse i just disappear from the social medias….
Well this time here’s my new reason : i moved. A new home closer to what is supposed to be the central nod of everything in the French cultural life, the cornu copia of endless parties, cheerful nightouts and other savage things.

I moved myself, i moved my furniture, i moved my vinyls and cds…
And i got an idea, as i’m not the keenest of the team to spot out brand new things and find what will be the sound of tomorrow, i can however trace back and undust what was the music of yesterday. Some kind of archeology of bass music in my personal chaotic way.

At the end of the nineties i got my first drum’n’bass vinyl The Helicopter Tune by Deep Blue on Moving Shadow. I brought it back from Scotland with me and tried to find DnB parties organized in Paris area. It was the time of free parties, Defcons vs Mas i Mas, all night long gigs on boats, the great moments of French Dj Willyman. After a few years DnB mainstreamed in some kind of way. Depressed-looking ravers geared with hoodies and small backpacks were to be replaced by glamourous high heeled girls, it was champagne instead of cheap beer, and the mud we danced on turned into a nice wooden dancing floor. I’d not say it turned bad, just different. Then like every thing that reaches a climax, DnB walk down the holy mountain of fame to bury itself in the underground, just where it came from.

Checking on a pix posted by UMB i remembered that i had in my collection a couple of plates illustrating the superheroic moments of DnB.
Listening to Adam F was very trendy at that time, in fact everything labelled Jungle/D’n’B, BC or even simply UK would be enough to pop a gig and pack a dancefloor in Paris.

I went to see Adam F in 2003 or 2004, invited as a blogger for a French webzine. The headline was supposed to be big with Adam F and Dj Craze and an opening of Cyantific.
At that time i wrote a rather mild, unenthousiastic article which got me busted and crossed off the I love Jungle guestlist. Not my fault, the party was boring.
Adam F is an excellent producer, Stand Clear is one of the rare tracks i bought on a digital plateform, the Origin Unknown remix is an all time banger -, as a Dj i found him very unpersonal…

KAOS 002 : Stand Clear
Adam F feat. M.O.P
Side A Stand Clear (Remix By Andy C & Ant Miles – Origin Unknown)
Side AA Stand Clear (Remix By Andy C & Ant Miles – Origin Unknown)
(Yes both tracks are identical)

Big opening on that track, evil vocals, stomping bass, this track is a fierceful tsunami. This is for me one of the best mixture of two musical trends.

KAOS005P : Karma remixes
Adam F feat. Guru&Carl Thomas
Side A remix by High Contrast
Side B remix by John B

Liquid and somehow very cheesy track especially the consensual remix by High Contrast.
This John B remix is far better and interesting as past the intro we get a bassline relatively similar to the Origin Unknown remix of Stand Clear.

To get back to that superhero imagery it’s been around for a long time, since the booming of the comics culture.

Mad Professor and Massive Attack, Methodman x Raekwon x Ghostface Killah, the X-ecutioners (previously named The X-Men), MadVillain and even Joe Satriani !


xecutioners kidrobot-madvil-box major massive mad surfing
Beyond the talent and the art of branding a sound as being uncommon, there’s the naive will – not in the negative way -, to acknowledge one’s talent, and to give some value to the efforts and infinite hours spent to get better, to be a better musician, more inspired and talented day after day.


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