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If there’s a band that really changed my view about music, it should certainly be Asian Dub Foundation. I followed them from the beginning, well to be honest from the first moment i saw Buzzin’ being played on MTV in Canada -, to the departure and surprising come back of Deeder during a show in Paris (he walked away again a few months later being definitely replaced by Spex.

I followed them, played their music loud everywhere i was, yelled their lyrics, wished i could do something as good as them.
I found courageous to assimilate consciousness in their music, consciousness not limited to politics but also referring to the transversality of musical trends.

Contrarily to Baaeur who would use “exotic samples” as empty adornements, they pushed forward their roots and will to bridge the gap separating cultures and generations by fully integrating samples that would create debates.

Free Satpal Ram

FX 326

A1Free Satpal Ram (Primal Scream Mix)
A2Free Satpal Ram (ADF Sound System Remix)
B1Free Satpal Ram
B2Tribute To John Stevens



570 039-1

A1Naxalite (Main Mix)
A2Charge (Sherwood Dub 2)
B1Charge (Main Mix)
B2Charge (ADF Sound System Remix)



FX 335

A1Buzzin’ (Full Length)
A2Digital Underclass
BBuzzin’ (Dylan Rhymes Remix)


Enemy of the Enemy
LP VIR 201

A1 Fortress Europe
A2 Rise To The Challenge
A3 La Haine
B1 1000 Mirrors
B2 19 Rebellions
B3 Blowback
C1 2 Face
C2 Power To The Small Massive
C3 Dhol Rinse
D1 Basta
D2 Cyberabad
D3 Enemy Of The Enemy

Enemy of the Enemy is the last piece of work i got. It’s now my favorite album and not having Deeder’s energy in it troubles me a little, but i really appreciated to have a fierce point of view about E.U and its policy. It was a risky bet, politics is really a twisted thing, one day you’re the hero of the day with a rightful cause the next a gruesome tyrant with the blood of innocents staining your shiny fascist boots. At least they tried hard and with faith to stick to something they were sensitive to. Most bands happily confine themselves to the safe common places about love and life, coming in all sorts of forms according to the seasons, love at the beach, breaking heart under the rain, dying for love in winter – ADF never complied…

More important i think is that ADF tells a story. It tells the story of persons not trying to fit in but trying to live and think about what they do and what they expect from life. It tells the story of the mistrial of Satpal who was not a political activist, just a normal person getting out of a restaurant with friends and ending emprisoned for 16 years charged with murder.

It tells the story of a group of revolutionary farmers who tried to change the stake of India, it tells the story of exploited people throwing themselves at the gates of a continent only getting the headlines if they die. More important it tells the story of people born or arrived young in a land who had to decide what to do with their lives.

adf 2

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