Some of us have known for some time that Angola is one of the most interesting musical countries in the dance world. This is the Motherland of some of the most interesting riddims & sounds to have gripped the Western dance world in recent years. A country that has given birth to so much greatness, Kuduro, Tarraxinha, Tarraxo, Semba, Fodencia, Kizomba and Future Tarraxo!

It is with the greatest honour that we are now able to release an EP by one of her sons, the incredible Dj Satelite.

Dj Satelite presents an EP consisting of 3 blistering tracks.

The first track on the EP, “Lisbuanda” is collaboration with one of the sons of the New Wave of Portugal, the legendary Dj Marfox. Marfox is the guy, who like a pied piper, has an army of young producers in Portugal following in his path. He was the first to take out three letters of his name and replace it with the word ‘fox’ and set a trend that many followed in Portugal and there are now so many “foxes” including one in the UK (my younger brother).

This first track is a blistering dance floor bomb and a future classic in the making. The idea was to mix the riddims and drum patterns of Angola (Satellite) with the Synthesizer sound of Lisbon (Marfox), a meeting of minds and Kuduros from Angola to Lisbon. This track should come with a health & safety warning for the dance floor!

The 2 remaining tracks are by Dj Satelite alone and one’s a vocal mix and the other is an instrumental of the same track “Estraçalho”. Satelite says that these tracks were inspired by a fan of his music, Alvinho Boa Morte.

Both tracks are downright funky gems that are going to cause serious heat on the dance floors around the world. Stripped down Angolan Funk at its very best!

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