The first thing that drew me to this mixtape was the name of the Artist “Dorothy Parker” which all purple people will recognize from the brilliant track “The Ballad of Dorothy Parker”, quite possibly one of my favourite Prince tracks of all times.

The second thing that struck me was the title of the mixtape, it is, as it says, “Supercute” and I love the tag “SuperPop”.

Thirdly, I really like the artwork too.

Finally, the sounds are pretty funky and it’s a lil’ weird mixtape which I really dig too.

Hawaii Tiger Moves – Toby Gale
Cat vs. Dog (Kane West RMX) – Kero Kero Bonito
T.R.U.E.L.O.V.E. – Kane West
Big Boob Bitch – Dai Burger
Elevator Elevator (Lucid x DJ Dior) – Rizzla
Up & Down – Vengaboys
Boss Ass Bitch vs. Drunk In Love (BYRELL the GREAT RMX) – BYRELL the GREAT feat. Nicki Lewinsky & Queen Bey
Y.A.L.A (MikeQ Bootleg) – M.I.A.
I Chant, You Vogue – Leggo
Bug-A-Boo – Hoodboi
P’casso Baby (MikeQ RMX) – MikeQ feat. Jay-Z
Yass Bish (BYRELL the GREAT RMX) – BYRELL the GREAT feat. Lewinsky
Dump Challenge – DJ Taj feat. Lil E & Sliik
Lemonade – SOPHIE
1+Only – So So In Luv
Pink and Blue – Hannah Diamond

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