Some of you might have noticed my absence on Facebook, well, I’ve left. In order for me to stay present, they (Facebook) want me to prove that my name is UMB, which it is, and which I can easily prove, but rather than do that I’ve actually been enjoying my time away from it and so I’ve decided to stay away for a bit to see how I get on without it. Obviously, if it proves to be tricky for me promotion-wise for the blog/label, I guess I’ll have to come back like a spoilt little child being ordered back into the room.

For now you can follow me on Twitter and please feel free to do so.

If you want to stay ahead of the game and want to know which wicked release is forthcoming on our label, who the next Superstar DJ is gonna be, who all the big, small and dumb labels are gonna be clamouring to sign up next, what the next exciting Trans Bass genre is gonna be, if you just wanna keep up with my wicked mixes and warped sense of humour of if you wanna send me hate mail, you now know where to get at me.

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