5 years ago I made a lil’ mixtape called “India Calling” consisting of artists who for me heralded a very bright future for the Electronic music scene in India. The idea was that these artists who included Bandish Projekt, Nucleya, Deaf Bass Twins and others would be the catalyst for an explosion in the Indian music scene but instead of that explosion happening, it went all quiet.

Some of those artists like Bandish & Nucleya carried on making exceptional music of a very high standard but the spark did not ignite the fire as I was expecting it to do. Then again, maybe it did, but instead of a raging fire, it was a slow-burning flame that has eventually started to develop into a much brighter burning flame over the past 2 years or so. That burning flame is fast developing into a raging fire as the talent that is coming from that sub-continent is demonstrating today.

This dude, Optical Panda is another stand-out talent that I’ve discovered recently. It’s hard to believe that this is music coming from India but then again is it? I mean we live in a virtual Transnational World right and the technological progression more readily available in a lot of countries outside of the West over the past 5 years has helped to blur the lines and it is becoming harder and harder to identify where sounds are coming from nowadays and it is even more surprising when you do find out that for example these sounds are from India when they sound like they could be from the UK or even America on a good day lol. The music is stripped of cultural ID for a start, which is a great thing because music is universal and why shouldn’t a dude living in Bombay, India sound like any other kid anywhere else in the western world.

Like I said, this could be some dude in the UK pottering about on his home studio making exceptionally beautiful music but it’s not, it’s a kid in Bombay showing the world what India represents today.

This is sheer brilliance, the arrangements, the instrumentation, the maturity of sound and the ideas, world-class!

Going back to that lil’ mixtape of mine, today, India is indeed Calling!

Keep your eyes peeled on this dude:

Here’s a free EP he did recently:

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