I think Slow Joe was part of the first article i wrote for Generation Bass. Blues one of the strongest music ever created has moved generations of music lovers, it infiltrated other music styles, disappeared and reappeared in unexpected places around the world.

Slow Joe’s story looks like an accident – I am not going to re-write what i said about Slow Joe, but the unlikely encounter of Cédric de la Chapelle  – guitarist and member of the French band the Ginger Accident -, with Slow Joe in Goa brought about a beautiful musical project, a salvation for the old man certainly and a burst of fame for the Ginger Accident band.

After a few years and two albums Joseph Manuel da Rocha aka Slow Joe is still doing fine, with a true energy on stage and quality – though classic -, productions.

Slow Joe & The Ginger Accident
A1 I need a Woman
A2 When are you comin’ home
B1 One more Time

Production : Caravelle / Back to Mono Records

The mint of this 45T is rather disappointing, unless i got the only faulty copy, but well there’s a bump on the B-side that spoils the listening. The sleeve itself is really nice and has a sentimental value as it the first mint before Sony and Néance worked on a second release.

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