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I think the main point about those mixtape is to introduce a new movement in funk carioca and funk paulista (yes, São Paulo is with great artist and have their own style o funk). Actually, the idea is to show how global bass producers are more in contact with producers from favelas and how it’s good for all movement. Forget the idea of neo baile funk with Diplo and Haaksman, that movement happened 10 years ago, a lot of things changed, so lets see how the things are happening now.


Maybe the big change of funk carioca in this 10 years was the rasterinha. The beat – we already spoke a lot about it here – is the new thing. This beat don’t ‘replace’ the tamborzão, they actually work together. Producers now can create a 130 bpm beat with tambrozão and a slow beat, with rasterinha. You can see it as kuduro and tarraxo, they work together.

The producer Kill the Bass has a special taste, creating chill rasterinha beats. Check this mixtape to understand the idea:

Jersey Club

Other new global styles that match soo good with funk is the jersey club. PS: the Bmore style is similar in few aspects and already been mixed with funk in 2009 and 2010 with names as JMay and Leo Justi.

With 130 BPM and a similar mode to sample vocals on music, Jersey and Funk are as cousen. Few producers are releasing tracks 4fun and creating good music. One of them is Maffalda, from São Paulo.

Heavy Baile

Heavy Baile is the idea of Leo Justi to his work. It started as a #tag, but with his great talent this became a party on Rio de Janeiro. It’s harder to explain what is this: a mix of bmore with electro and heavy beats. Other good point is: Leo is in direct contact with MCs. The old idea of remix using originals or cleaning musics to create a remix is old idea. Funkeiros are now more open to new ideas and new beats. But lets see Leo Justi.


After Trap became the new global genere, brazilians get in deep love with it. And, they start to produce mixing with funk. There are a lot of producers, duo, trios making it. One of this duos, Marginal Men, is the main point in this movement: I don’t know why, when or how, but they became friends of KL Produtora – a label from São Paulo, working with : MC Bin Laden, Mc Pikachu, Mc Brinquedo and Mc 2k, the main names of funk from São Paulo. With that, they are releasing tracks and remixes with original acappelas. Although funkeiros as Mc Bin Laden don’t understand how trap or other beats can work with funk, they are liking this ‘global bass’ scene (Bin laden record music with Diplo and Branko this semester).

So, what I want to tell with all that? This aproach is the main point to all movement, now, producers can release original tracks with funkeiros.

There is a lot of mixtape showing this favela trap tracks, I choose 2 for this post:

Pesadão Tropical


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