displacer mih

Two years and one member away after Bordersbreakdown, i review again this new release from Glasgow-based Machines in Heaven. This few lines that i write with joy and a bit of sadness as i really liked the output of the original trio (actually i hope i do not say anything wrong about it, Graham himself told me he left the band).

Bordersbreakdown had me thinking of Holy Fuck and Errors, this EP has flavours of the dub trips of Jon Hopkins and the sweetness of early Apparat productions.

In a general way, this EP is more electro-oriented than Bordersbreakdown and is really the heird of Hindu Milk the previous EP but whereas it had strong 80’s influences the new EP is less melancholic and closer to late 90’s, early 2K monumental electronic compositions.

Listening to the 5 tracks composing Displacer, 4 different versions of the track Displacer and a second track called Feel Slow, i refound this lift happy feeling i had when playing the early prods of the band. Possibly i wished so strong and breath taking as Voodoo Mechanics but then it doesn’t make the other tracks bad, far from it.

And as i mentioned the four versions of Displacer i had the surprise to see that among them is a remix of Drvg Cvltvre, member of the GenBass crew !

Big up to him, this remix is awesome, with an energy building up along the track pulling your feet off the floor to a higher ground.

Displacer will be released (like their other materials) on Hot Gem on the 5th of June.

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