In previous posts I’ve mentioned London, Lisbon and Mexico city already as the places where innovation in music and culture is happening right now, but so far I haven’t focused on Stockholm specifically yet. Therefore a massive shoutout to the Stockholm underground in general and to the netlabel STAYCORE 117 in particular. STAYCORE 117 is a fresh, forward looking netlabel, run by avant-garde duo Dinamarca and Ghazal. Much like Mexico City’s NAAFI and the London underground, STAYCORE 117 pushes a sound that is more exciting than anything we’ve seen so far.

Factmag describes it as “global club without the ‘stench of appropriation'”, but that’s only half the story since many producers who identify with the traditional ‘global bass banger’ sound today live in Latin America, Mauritius or come from the USA’s and Europe’s diverse multicultural communities. This futuristic style is so radically different because it has shed off the two major dead-ends of the global/tropical bass movement at the same time: 1.) the Mad Decent-dictated one-way tunnel-vision towards EDM as the final destination for every producer and genre, and 2.) the hipsteresque, exoticising branding of urban-Latin and Afro-diasporic sounds as ‘tropical’.

Genres like reggaeton, dancehall and tarraxo are freely cross-fertilised with sounds as diverse as grime, drill, RnB, juke, vaporwave, vogue and hardcore without ever a single trace of EDM-ification or following fixed formula’s. At the same time it can be seen as the ultimate fusion between ‘global club’ (which is in many ways rather ‘local club’ presented to the world by the blogosphere) and the internet-underground which has produced microgenres like witch house, vaporwave, meme rap and bubblegum bass out of the spaceless cultural grinding mills of the internet.

This music makes a big middle finger to EDM and its bandwagons. And only by doing so it has become possible to create something unique and solid enough stay and grow slowly into a dedicated and vibrant new movement.

The movement doesn’t have a name yet. And we better keep it that way.


Lil Tantrum (Mexico) Picuda

Lechuga Zafiro (Uruguay)  Aviancamoc

Dinamarca (Sweden) x Busy Signal  Jail (Gil Edit)

Brandy  Angel In Disguise (Mobilegirl Remix)

Imaabs (Chile)  La Apuesta

Mechatok (Germany)  D.U.C.T.

dj illtARIQ cj_(mala-nce)

Ghazal & Dinamarca Summer Jam

KABLAM (Germany)  Priéremix

Zutzut (Mexico)  Yo Te Voa A Dar

Endgame (UK)  Destiny Riddim

Dinamarca  Sufrimiento

Mapalma (Croatia) & Mobilegirl (Germany)  Philae Touchdown


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