It’s the second of June and we happily walk in Le Trianon, an old theatre transformed into a concert hall. Chet Faker will perform there 3 concerts, as his success got him to add two extra dates. As usual at this venue the atmosphere is cool, no real need to rush

Sau Poler opened the concert with a live performance.

Although his sounds are rather appealing, he was not to my mind the best pick. His productions swinging between a soft harmonious house and a darker atmopheric tech where you can find inspirations from Cinematic Orchestra (Flite) were not boring but misplaced as the opening for this venue.

Without being packed it’s crowded, Sau Poler pursues his long journey into the night and more people get on board, the front row suddenly burst into shouts and cheers, the harmonies grow more precise resoning with a voluptuous echo in the theatre.
It’s hot here… But the warmth will not turn to tropical heat, the lights turned on and Mark Ronson purring Bang Bang Bang into the speakers, it’s time to hit the bar…

Checking on the crowd, I smile and tease Sara Stella, mostly girls there and a few boyfriends with saddened tired faces and a cheerful gay couple. I have never been to “a girl concert”, loud sexist denomination supposed to suggest that girls have no musical tastes and are only here because Chet is handsome. Not true (disregarding Chet’s physical aspect) it will be a great concert, impressive with technicality and talent. Girls were right once again, they knew were to be. White shirt and hair tied in a bun, he starts to drumbeat his controller. Loud, enthralling, groovy.

The tracks wind on, the recipe is almost perfect, Chet has an advantage that saying, he doesn’t have that many tracks to play and most of them are excellent.

There’s of course a great moment of communion when the expected cover of Black Street starts, interferring with the audience, he asks a girl to translate his demand “no phone for this one, you may snatch away the phone of someone’s who’s disregarding this”. The song starts in a great cheerful moment. Even though it’s a cover, i think No Diggity is really his best track, you have to be smart to get the idea of choosing this song and be certain of your talent to perform it.

To get an idea of the atmosphere during his No Diggity performance, you can check this video taken from a previous concert in Paris…

Overall i really had a great time. It’s the second time i see Chet Faker on stage, i still have my disappointments about a few tracks being too cheesy, but it is fairly compensated by his real talent as a musician. His use of intruments are precise and mastered, his voice is truely great.

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