Hot on the heels of Electro Chaabi, here’s something that claims to be new – SHAMSTEP!

Shamstep fuses traditional regional music such as dabke, chobi and mjwiz with electronic influences and also fuses languages, Arabic and English!

I’ve only seen it mentioned on a few fairly obscure online blogs like Stepfeed and Audio Kultur.

The band is London-based but are described as a Palestinian Chaabi band who were formed in Amman in 2013:

“Since first coming together, they’ve created music rooted in the rhythms and melodies that have dominated the region of Bilad al-Sham (the Levant) for years; the soundtrack for everything from wedding parties to the street-side shisha café, but funneled through the diverse spectrum of their respective musical inspirations and past projects. Call it electro-mijwez, shamstep, or electro-dabkeh, they’ve already garnered considerable attention and a steady fan base in both the Middle East and UK, despite having only released one live EP to date”.

Check out more about it on the links above as both sites contain a lot of background information and check out their sound below including the videos, the first of which tells the story of the new sound and the latter which shows them performing live. Worth keeping your eyes on this movement.

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