Released two weeks ago on Blaq Records, this bomb assembled by Mokujin is going to blow some crates and dancefloors. A loud beat, a grimy bass and a voice with an evil inspiration, it’s dark, it’s an outburst of anger ! A small EP with three tracks, an amazing intro and two Opus blending strong tech and future garage.

This Opus comes as a name-your-price download, so there’s little reason not to get it !

From PR :

Mokujin does it once again with his futuristic vision on club music, his unique approach to underground culture, always gold just like dawn.

Blaqnet is the rebellious young sister of Blaq Records / Pantamuzik, it is the punk renegade black sheep of the family, always walking the thin line where experimental meets club music, where techno meets ambient-noise, where breaks meet future garage and phantom rave within a unique convergence of artists from around the world, always stepping outside the trends with a DIY attitude showing her love for the underground with free releases for your downloading pleasure.

Blaq Records is a transnational label, based in Mexico but with artists from Iceland and Germany, the talents sheltered in this label have no frontier.

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