Lovaria; much too obsession with love and lovemaking. Experienced by those lovers who have just fallen in love and started dating together. Those stung by lovaria cannot think about anything other than love, love and love”

This can explain the idea of Lovaria mixtapes, created by brazilian duo “AquaBazz”. Actually, they were two djs: Aqua Light and Wrong Bazz, great friends with same taste to sounds and mixing. After a while, they decided to create AquaBazz for fun and release this amazing mixtape of Lovaria.

The concept is to bring love. Yes, love to dancefloor – all we need is love, rigth?. But, love don’t mean boring experience. It is the oposite. This mix bring chill tracks with big drops and taste beast. You can – off couse – listen it with your date, but you can listen to relax.

This week they released the 2nd edition and promisse for more. You can listen it on Mixcloud or download on their website Lovaria.me. You can follow AquaBazz on soundcloud too, they’ve few nice edits too.

Aquabazz – Lovaria (Volume 02) by Aquabazz on Mixcloud

Here is the volume 1 – highly recommended

Aquabazz – Lovaria (Volume 01) by Aquabazz on Mixcloud

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