Capa_Moombrazillians 960x960

“Moombahton is dead”

F*ck, I love to read about death of musical genres. WHY DOES PEOPLE LOVE TO KILL IT? I can’t understand, but this isn’t the topic about it. The serie Moombrazilians – bringing the best of brazilian moombahton – is back.

In the volume two of label Braza, there are 6 new producers bringing all kind of moombah:  banger to dance floor, moombahcore, moombahton with vocals and a twerk-moombah.

The producers are spread for all Brazil, maybe you would never read about electronic and bass music from those states: Goias – Orange Boy, Paraíba – Furmiga DUB feat. Atomico MC e Sacal, Santa Catarina – Zinho Beats, Brasília – BRAAP, Rio Grande do Norte – Citizen Kannot and São Paulo – Golden Kong (this last city you know). But, now you know.

BEST PART: all tracks are for free download HERE.


There is a mixtape only with moombrazilians. Record by Irmãos Coragem.

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