Chaos, mess, Noise, Shooting, this is the model that Sugar Crush have to mess with the “World Order”. Debuting their first album, the duo of producers put all your influences in 8 tracks and explains that “this story of a single musical genre” has passed. Rodrigo and Samuel, reflected in songs how is your creative process with a lot of mess, picking up a little of each genre and increasing the bass line. Not only bass is present on all 8 track, as the funk carioca is present in every song too – reaffirming the style as Brazilian electronic music. In eight tracks, the duo deconstructs several styles, travel in the Trap and Electro, drop fast beats, puts more weight to the drops, brings global sample and to finish the chaos closes with track “Under Wolrd” the calm before the confusion.

The duo is getting attention in Brazil, with schedule of show and releasing tracks (the last one was with Main Course). They are working with new names from brazilian bass culture as Flying Buff and AquaBazz (we spoke about this duo last week). This is the third release, but they also have “Favela +55” – showing their hability on twerk – and”From Neighborhood“. This last release is with their crew “Dirty Kidz Gang“, this project is to start promote the producers from a party crew, and Sugar Crush is one of  them.


Well, I asked few questions to Sugar Crush to understand about this album, while you listening the album and read the questions you can download all material 4free here:

– How did the idea of ​​the EP?
We are two producers very active and like other producers, we have a lot of songs and some end up getting saved – most are not even finished, but this time had a major focus. We were a few months without releasing singles (most of our releases were bimonthly and sometimes even monthly) and we decided to release our first album to show our evolution and our endless musical references.
– Why “New Word (Dis)Order“?
We baptize the EP “New World Disorder” because we do not like tag or genres. And it can be noticed from our first performances even in our musical references. In our show we play it all: Trap, Moombah, EDM, Hip Hop, and so on … Some N.W.D. songs are impossible to tag in one specific genre, because we mix a little of everything, we can say that in a track you will hear 3 “styles ” different as: Trap music, Baile Funk, EDM … Our creative process is fun and unpredictable, and the result you can see in our songs.
– Who is the Sugar Crush?
We are a duo of big fat friends who love each other and are always eating pizza; who are almost always running not to miss the flight; who collect a wide collection of stories to tell to children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. A double that during the presentations are Aggressive and Funny; a double running from the ghetto to the luxury and luxury in the ghetto; a couple who likes commercial sound but also loves non-commercial sound. In short: The Sugar Crush is a project without labels or a genre that has BASS is the rule number one.

tuenobbIn order: Samuel Prado and Rodrigo Barbosa, aka Sugar Crush

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