Interesting mix here incorporating loads of Middle Eastern and North African flava’s including rai, shamstep, electro chaabi and other genres like hip hop, reggae and house and even includes stuff like Vanity 6, which most Prince fans ought to already know about. Strange mixture but it works.

Kader Japonais- Nog3od Wahdi Je M’en Fous
Kami Phénomène- Mahboul
Too Short- Blow The Wistle
Shadia Mansuor Ft. Tamer Nafar & Rayess Bek & Samm & MBS- Lyrical Alliance
47Soul- Shamstep
Saad Lamjarred – Lamaalem
Kendrick Lamar- King Kunta
Reuma Abas- Wa’ana Fda Leumi (Apfelberg & Matushka Edit)
Marvin Gaye- Heavy Love Affair (The Revenge Rework)
Odyssey- Going Back To My Roots
Khaled- Raba Raba (Uproot Andy Remix)
Zaak Tanjawi Feat. Bnat Aissawa & Redson- Zemmita
L’algérino Ft. Kader Japonais- Classi
Vanity 6- Nasty Girl
Le Le- Number 1 Girl
Balqees & David Penn- Ya Hezzaly
Busy Signal- Money Flow/Greetings (Ribbidibi)
Qusai Feat. Sadat & Fifty- Umm El-Dunia
Mike Karoutchi- Bye Bye
Cheb Kader- Sel Dem Drai

This is what Café Gibraltar is about:

First and foremost, Café Gibraltar seeks to pay respect to human culture by creating a space for incredible artists who do not win their rightful place in Israel’s public discourse. We recognize that the hegemonic culture works incessantly to silence multiple voices in Israeli society in favor of a single melting pot. Thus, we actively resist this trend on a day-to-day basis by amplifying different opinions, experiences and life storie​s.More…

At the most basic level, we recognize that our physical and cultural place is in the Middle East. We are at the heart of the cradle of various cultures, living in a society of migrants and the children of migrants from all reaches of the globe. Cafe Gibraltar celebrates the rare diversity that exists here. The distinction between “high culture” and “low culture” does not exist for us. History shows that throughout time, certain cultures that were thought of as inferior and were subject to scorn, became popular in the span of a few genera​tions. We are not interested in waiting 30 years. We prefer to enjoy whatever today’s culture has to offer.

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