I went to Brazil a few months ago to play and I`ve been accommodated at this guy`s house in São Paulo. I went to take a nap in the early evening one day when i heard weird mixture of baile funk loops and Thai psychedelic rock guitar lines and voices. I didn`t know if i were dreaming or not. Well i was not – in fact, in the other room – Vincenzo was practicing for his live set that evening (which i unfortunately missed because we were playing at the same time on different stages of Venga Venga party)… Anywayzz, you have to hear this!

But first – let`s check what Wikipedia says about macumba:

“Macumba (Portuguese pronunciation: [maˈkũᵐbɐ]) is a word meaning both “a musical instrument” and “magic”. It was the name used for all non-Abrahamic religious practices in Brazil during the 19th century. In the 20th century, these practices re-aligned themselves into what are now called Umbanda and Quimbanda. The term “macumba” became common in Brazil and it is used by non-practitioners as a pejorative term meaning “witchcraft”.

Macumba is practiced in Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay. There appears to be a relationship with the concept of the Boto (the fresh-water porpoise found in the Amazonas River and its tributaries) having shape-shifting abilities and then while in the form of a human male having sexual relations with young women. This belief was noted in several Indigenous American villages along the Amazonas (Solimões) River, Rio Negro, and Rio Japurá.

Macumba is widely practiced throughout the Southern Cone. Many practitioners continue to practice their traditional religions (Christianity, Islam, Judaism, etc.) but also practice Macumba.

Some people use Macumba to inflict harm, financial failure, illness, death, etc. on other people for various reasons. One request that a spiritual leader will ask if you want to inflict harm on a person is to bring a picture of that person and to write their name on the back of the picture.”



His info is brief. But accurate:

Sample machine. Mashup. Ready-made. Instant collages. Digital macumba. Psychedelic punch.
Livesets syncre​tizing tunes of african, balkan, brazilian ritualistic sounds, funk carioca, assorted cumbias, chiptunes and other beats creating a fusion of musical styles. Fresh & live.

Also, make sure to check out his live set here:


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