We’ve been zooming in on kizomba lately, a vibrant semi-mainstream movement in much of Africa and Europe for many years now. Here we’ve got more kizomba, from an exciting producer who likes to push the boundaries of the genre by combining it with flavours not that often associated with kizomba.

His name is DJ Ghost Face, based in Milan, Italy and I found him when googling for ‘gothic tarraxo’ since I wanted to hear how a gothic song like this, which I randomly stumbled upon, would sound reworked into tarraxo. Google found this brilliant, nocturnal graveyard flavoured tarraxinha track on Youtube and my mind was blown!

On his Soundcloud he has many more brilliant kizomba crossovers with the most unlikely genres, of which I selected my three favourites. Unfortunately not all of it is for download and he hasn’t been active for about half a year now, but definitely a name to watch!

Tantric Africa : erotic new-age ambient kizomba !

Urban Kiz : chill-trap kizomba !

Go hard Tarraxa : psychedelic acid trance tarraxo !

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