Loving this release by Muudra, whoever he is. It’s a sublime slice of Deep Transnational Dubstep, hypnotic, enthralling and trance-like.

We need more of this kinda stuff, executed so masterfully like this!

Here’s what he says about it:

Muudra has captured the sound from the tough situation of the Middle East and brings an inspirational political message into the project. “Resistance EP” is threaded together by snippets and rare samples taken from recordings that were made many years ago, mixing modern electronics with traditional Oriental instrumentation and field recordings from his adventurous journeys through this area.

However, if you like one track you are bound to like the rest, and Muudra filled this album with plenty of subtle changes, surprises and deep mystic dubs with Middle Eastern edge. So the more you listen, the more you get back.

The EP is available for FREE DOWNLOAD. You can donate any amount of coins’n’ papers if you support the artist that way. If not just enter ‘0’. Much love for the support!

Limited CD will be released on 27th July 2015.

إن شاء الله‎ (Inshallah)

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