Thanks to western political interference 🙁 we already know the Middle East is blowing up.  But I mean it is really blowing up from a musical perspective too.

And I don’t just mean Western Artists stealing, robbing, duplicating or sometimes tastefully borrowing/being influenced by Middle Eastern sounds. And I don’t mean crate diggers becoming grave diggers by their continual mining for lost treasures that they find in buried graves that they unearth for profit or self-aggrandisement often without any permission, authorization or credit.

I’m talking about Artists from the Middle East doing it for themselves. The musical movement is rising, the Middle East is calling man!

Now watch all those poxy labels jump on the bandwagon lol!

Here’s an artist from Egypt, well I hope he is, creating a new evolution in the Electro Chaabi genre. Sounds like a cross between Hussein Sherbini and our boys Sadaat & Alaa 50, the pioneers of the Electro Chaabi sound!

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