Bolango is the perfect experience how differing views of electronic music can be explored, in this specific case, on Baile Funk. How to predict the future of a movement? I don’t know the answer but this track can be a way to see a direction to it.

Rocky Wellstack did his first experiment on “Come on to me” a old way to remix electronic music that a lot of producers are usual to use: insert the volt mix beat on track. But – I suppose – what made the difference is that remix rescued the 128 BPM! Man, how I miss that, all those new tracks are on 100, 110, or trap style, on 140,150,160.


Baile funk is based on 128 BPM and it’s easy to mix tamborzão and volt mix for electronic tracks. After his first experience, Wellstack gave the next step and created Bolango with Ruxell, a producer from Rio de Janeiro, which is also exploring more about this culture of his own city. His main work is with Ragga. So with two different view, this can be the best way to create a new direction to baile funk.
And “Bolango” used the best elements of baile funk: dirty at same time funny lyrics, dancing and the same flow, but creating the beat of funk, instead to use the same sample – again.
This track is part of EP KAOZADA, from Ruxell. He is remixing old baile funk tracks (should we use neo baile funk or future bass tag?). This EP will be up on a few days. About Wellstack, I not allowed to say, but there is more to come. Original tracks!


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