It is almost exactly five years ago now, since the Mexican label & music collective NAAFI started pioneering in Mexico City with forward looking club nights. They called their concept ‘ritmos periféricos’: a blend of underground styles, just outside of the mainstream, by which the new generations of youths growing up in today’s Mexico express themselves. Within those five years, their sound would come to pave the way into the future of music, in Mexico and beyond.

NAAFI has functioned as a magnet and gathering spot for the most creative minds in the country such as Lao, Siete Catorce, Mexican Jihad and Dj Smurphy, who have transformed Mexico City into one of the most innovative hotbeds for music and culture on the globe. Internationally, they work closely together with the trax avant garde. Names like Venus X (US), Massacooramaan (US), Imaabs (Chile) and Dinamarca (Sweden) have all worked together with the NAAFI crew.

The power behind the ‘ritmos periféricos’ his hard to pin down to one single thing. They truly manage to connect global developments on the internet with homegrown youth cultures in the city. Their IRL club nights, seamlessly combine experimental jersey club and grime with urban flavoured cumbiaton, 3ball, reggaeton and hip-hop, bringing people from a wide range of scenes and backgrounds together on the dance floor in a friendly and inspring setting. This has sparked an exciting dynamic which is slowly starting to look like an actual subculture, reinforced by a recognisable visual style – Mexican elements combined with futuristic Tumblr aesthetics – and close collaboration with the avant-garde street clothing store R.I.P. by Rosa Pistola.

In 2013, Thump brought them into the spotlights of the international semi-mainstream with an extensive article and since that time, NAAFI and its affiliated artists have received increasing attention from big players such as Boiler Room, FactMag, XLR8R, The Fader and REMEZCLA. In 2015 their name is only further on the rise, no longer limited to Mexico but on its way to define the future sound of Latin America as a whole and to shape the new wave of club-trax music, emerging in many places of the world right now, on the brink of transforming the music landscape forever.


Just last week, Native Instruments released a shortdoc that gives an excellent insight in what’s happening in Mexico City today!

This was the promo vid for the collective’s birthday celebration that shows their artistic excellence!

Together with REMEZCLA and the Mexico City based documentary collective Detona, they made this visual folkloric portrait of dance of the Mexican south coast in Oaxaca, featuring music from NAAFI crew member DJ Tetris.

And if you’re around Mexico City next month and stoked for their next event, check out the teaser for the exciting second edition of Residencia, a club session at gallery Museo Jumex, with the mouthwatering lineup of DJ Blass, DJ Bekman & ZutZut !

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