The Pannonian Sea?
“The Pannonian Sea was a shallow ancient sea located where the Pannonian Basin in Central Europe is now. The Pannonian Sea existed during the Miocene and Pliocene epochs, when a three to four kilometre depth of marine sediments were deposited in the Pannonian Basin.”
So that`s where they get their vybz from.

And who are they?

Bazaar Kings are DJ/producer duo from Budapest, Hungary, consisting of DJ SuperStereo and DJ Pozor. It`s a brand new collab project, not older than a year i think, but they already have a lot of nice goodies out there on the InterWeb! Check this out first, this is their official video of the “Summer Things” track that features Italian MC Attila (BUY THE TRACK HERE):



Or check out their twist on Lambada:



Now let them introduce themselves:





And for the end – check out their mixtapes! Worth a listen definitely!






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