Been away for a few weeks, can’t say where as it’s a bit of a secret, hence the lack of posts.

Anyhow, here’s a woman after my own heart, she does all her mixes live on old-school CDJ100s and she has played warm-up sets for ariel pink, dan bodan, cornerboy and many others. She’s from Leipzig, Germany and I find her Supercute Mixtape series super-interesting and embodies some superb mixing amongst the sea of dull and boring mixes you usually hear on the interwebs. Saying all of that, taste is subjective and I’ve got pretty high demands!

This is Volume 2 of that series, it’s blindin’ and Supercute!!!

Fuzzy Gang – Dai Burger
Weeerrrk – Byrell The Great
Smooth Criminal Ha – DJ MikeQ
Check This Out
I’m So Twisted – Gregg “Ace” Evisu
#WorkHa – Buddah – Divoli S’vere
Dance Pon Dem – Byrell The Great
Move – Lewis Cancut & Blinky Bill
Naughty Cat – Rambow & 199?
Lady Marmalade (Koppi Mizrahi Vogue Remix) – Koppi Mizrahi
Like, Really Cunt (Beek Jersey Club Remix) – B. Ames
Yo (I’m Lit) – Saint & Uniiqu3
~_~dragonflies~_~ – Unicorn Florida & DEV_N_
Slip Thru Your Hand – SO SO IN LUV

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