Acapulco Space Station

Pablo Villierezz better known as Panther Panther! is a visual artist who makes live performances as a DJ, VJ, or in other words as an “AV Artist”; a ‘Chilango‘ of birth but who at the age of ten found new horizons in the cold lands of Bristol, England; place where to date has resided.

However, it has been in the strong wave of Latin American electronica where he has found home: a type of music that it’s a mix of a personal past, childhood, family and roots, with the life as an immigrant and a present immersed in the music technology!

These are interests that Panther Panther has explored through his previous band “Poppy Perezz” and under the pseudonym “Tropical Panzón” but it’s with “Acapulco Space Station” launched by ‘Le Ronca Records’ where Pablo was able to deliver his creative exploration; leading to resulting in a retro-futuristic sound, where we passed all our differences as a human beings, and we get to travel together through the stars on a space station that at the same time is a beach!

In this fabulous musical proposal you can hear the classic and powerful sound of CUMBIA, mixed with space sounds, deep and melancholy synths and a galactic environment in each track!

Villierezz is currently working on the visuals for his live performances during fall 2015 and 2016 in Latin American countries like Argentina, Uruguay, Peru and Mexico, don’t miss it !!!


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