Generation Bass’ love for abrasive, grinding sounds goes back to the very early days of the blog and we share this passion with our number-1 favourite and one of the most influential artists of the last 5 years: Munchi. In 2011, we were blown away by an enigmatic Mexican DJ named La Muerta who, out of a random situation, got onto the vibe of fusing low BPM dembow with hammering gabber kicks when nobody else had ever done something like this before.

Since that time more producers of global club sounds have ventured into darker, industrial territory. From the infernal cumbia of Generation Bass OG Drvg Cvltvre´s Latin alter ego Sonido Del Principe, to Nazar‘s politically inspired dystopian kuduro, to London-underground club-trax futurist Kamixlo. Over the last years, momentum for industrial sounds with Latin and Afro-Caribbean rhythms has built up ever more strongly, especially now Latin America, Colombia in particular, has one of the most vivid hardcore scenes in the world right now and these hard sounds seem to resonate with the reality of growing up in Latin America today.

From the other side, the darker & harder styles are moving ever more into the direction of rhytmical vibes, absorbing elements of genres like DnB (crossbreed). One of the trailblazers in this area is Pieter Winkelaar, one half of the industrial hardcore duo The Peoples Republic of Europe (TPROE) who started as a resident DJ of the Dutch goth-industrial party Cyberia, becoming increasingly frustrated by that scene’s complete lack of inspiration and hostility to innovation.

His appetite to experiment and create new hybrid industrial genres shaped a whole vivid underground of new-generation dark music which struck a chord mostly with innovators from the hardcore scene, centred around labels such as Noisj and Pieter’s own label Monsters of Doomcore as the party N.O.R.A.D. which brings the sounds to the dance floor. But from there, ideas are being pushed further into the direction of more and more rhythm, dubbed rhythmic noise by the Monsters of Doomcore label. His idea to fuse dancehall, moombahton and industrial hardcore connected with me as something the times are ready for. A bridge between worlds. Something at the same time ironically absurd and deeply meaningful and serious at the same time. On the bandcamp release, Pieter writes:

For many years the traditional goth/industrial scene was stalling and declining in quality. Especially in Germany ready made fast food like cybergothic was produced, and things went bad. The Peoples Republic Of Europe did experiment in the past with new sounds like dancehall, dubstep and moombahton on some tracks, and plans were made to get more acts into doing this. Which failed because the traditional goth/industrial scene is stuck in its own hole, unable to escape the narrowing cycle of copy of a copy of a copy ad infinitum.

This all changed when TPROE became more active in the hardcore scene, and got into contact with Victor Evink of Generation bass. On a N.O.R.A.D. party there was much jokes backstage about weird musical crossovers with crossbreed and bossanova (Bossacore) and the one in december 2014 when discussing a crossover of doomcore and dancehall/moombahton on which Vague Entity and Rioteer inmediately responded with “DOOMBAHTON”. A new genre was born.

And after some facebook meeting up, lots of jokes, some hunting of people (of which Victor was a huge contribution) we present you the first installment of DOOMBAHTON. A fresh and new sound in industrial music. 11 tracks of people from hardcore, industrial and moombahton meeting up to create a new thing. Behold!

The compilation brings together a unique combination of producers from different backgrounds and nationalities. Moombahton rockstar Champion Rocka (US) & dancehall innovator Savana Painter (US), up-and-coming breakcore & future-bass genius Masayoshi Limori (Japan), industrial electro/techno giant and Generation Bass founder Drvg Cvltvre, the innovative hardcore producers Vague Entity (Netherlands), Rioteer (Netherlands), Shatterling (Finland) and of course TPROE, latino-tronic-metalhead Caballo (Colombia/Canada) with the balkan-bass formation ShazaLaKazoo (Serbia), alround bass experimentalist DODBB (Netherlands), avant-garde futurist Sxmbra (Netherlands) with dark-favela-trapper JAKZ (Brazil) and the goth-industrial experimentalist Grimstatic (US). Vibes next to industrial hardcore, dancehall and moombahton, include kuduro, bubbling, baile funk, dark trap, Balkan-cumbia and metal.


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