This Bass, That Bass, That-Over-There Bass… And, of course, the Chinese Bass. Thank you Internet, nothing can surprise us anymore. So let the almighty Google Translate explain us a bit what is it all about, directly from Chinese to Globalistani language:


Do Hits Vol.01 compilations issued after we received unparalleled feedback, want to participate in one of the music more and more people, so that Do Hits Vol.02 had to meet with you in advance.

There is a call Achun Macau teenager, he and all Chinese people are doing electronic music friends, this time he used a flow of the “South” to introduce themselves. More virtual than Achun is “courtship C11”, no one knows who he is, just knowing that others in Singapore, is a network doctrine after the boy, like his girlfriend rub rub eat and drink together. ZHI16 had professional learning bass and arranger, full awning insects, in addition to cooperation with the pop singer, but also do some pungent grotesque East Beats. Dokedo originally a designer, the band played and played guitar, began to do after contact Fruityloops Beat. Mike Gao is our old friend, long prodigy born in Beijing in the United States, he is the finale of cooperation with Howie Lee of this compilation album, a song combines the mountain and the west coast of the Bay Area Kingston Nottingham Premier Beijing Road works.

In addition, there are other long-term active in the local music scene name: Chuck Upbeat is making people in Moscow, he led a Soviet Bass movement has achieved an international reputation, he is also responsible Generation bass in Russia. Conrank is already successful in Shanghai British musician, nicknamed “fried rice brother”, he has worked with DJ Shadow. Harikiri is our old friend, who had black players in Beijing Study Tour is now back in the UK, is still music to save the Chinese compatriots Bass responsibility, cooperation with Beijing Rapper Bloodz Boi song “Charade.” Al Kelly is active foreigners in Chengdu and Kunming, he knew the landscape between the Chinese have an invisible singular rhythm. Damacha similar themes as well as from the “Huangpu Ocean”, just a little touch of landscape painting heavy and noisy, you can almost see the contacts freighter mottled dark red paint.

See here, you understand, no matter what color you are what race, no matter what your Chinese level, for China we are always some say. Music is present in addition to the language of another password, we expect to have more and more local music people involved.



Chaos era epoch, walking Wulin Xia Yi heartbroken, demons winding streets, mixed with food and other daily necessities die. The Chinese culture unique rhythm, how to put the contemporary context expression? Wall Street money piled out of EDM fantasy, Atlanta poison TRAP bass burst out of the house, the Caribbean Community was ignited GRIME beat …… What does all this have to do with us? In between the outside world and out between their mind and body, there is music all Chinese people together seeking the ultimate proposition.
Do Hits inception, it is intended to gather around the periphery ambition congenial friend, try to do new things. This compilation album “Do Hits Vol.1” is their first foray into digital music distribution, a collection of five works of local musicians (though everyone’s names are in English): Howie Lee / Guzz / ZalivaD / SIG / Jason Hou
Five different styles of work, are in the final proposition to explore different demeanor speak a different story, but all of us have seen daily the daily lies.
Do Hits local music is people-centered electronic music organization founded in 2011. Currently produced covering: live performances, family parties, online radio, digital publishing, aims to bring together Chinese electronic music scene fresh strength, manufacturing real “Made in China” sound.


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