Generation Bass has been introducing innovative music developments all over the world since 2009. Over the last years, the focus of the blog has shifted more and more towards connecting and integrating them, rather than throwing them out in the air. ‘Trailblazers’ will be a series of interview-portraits which give a deeper insight in the people who are doing something infuential in the avant-garde of contemporary music.

The Sacramento based songwriter, producer and performer Savana Painter is such a forward-looking artist who has developed her own entire new branch of dancehall over the last years, which is now starting to gain influence, in the dancehall scene as well as the club music underground.

Her intense, emotional sound labelled #DANCEHALLEMO is a blend of dancehall with rock, symphonic metal, punk and dub poetry, and is suitable for live performances as well as for a diverse variety of club and soundsystem settings and would even blend in seamlessly at a rock concert.

After debuting two years ago with the RnB flavoured ballad ‘Negative Frequence‘, she has ventured into experimental/gothic dubstep, reggae-rock-step, trap and, most recently, industrial moombahton, on our very own DoomBahTon Vol.1 compilation. As far as soundcloud goes, the tag #DANCEHALLEMO first appeared with the track ‘DCLXVI (Beast) Raw‘ based on a menacing, slightly slowed down version of the powerful moombahton/afrobeat flavoured Wul Dem Again Riddim.

Since then, #DANCEHALLEMO has drawn elements like electric guitars, epic symphonic orchestral and choral soundscapes, stunning dark-romantic piano melodies and boom-bap hiphop beats.

GB: What is the most important thing we missed from you?

SP: The most important thing you’ve missed from me would have to be my mind control project pieces named ‘Project Chatter’. So far I’ve worked on four parts in which I’m very pleased with.  The canvas behind my vocals is creating a new wave in dancehall. I’m humbled. A swift change is coming and it’s the Omen, Good or Bad, fear not.

I speak on religious division and what angers me in this crisis which our world is facing, a spiritual warfare that has absolutely no gain.  I’m just expressing myself, not like I’m trying to force countries to believe in my ideology. Ha ha hmm.

GB: At a certain point, this self-expression evolved into the tag #DANCEHALLEMO right? Can you tell a bit more about how that happened?

SP: #DANCEHALEMO is not just a tag. It’s a new genre for the unorthodox dark souls in dancehall. I merged it with emo, in which is a subgenre of rock. I produce and deliver confessional hardcore lyrics and dancehall is already aggressive so I thought it would be a fantastic merge.

I live for guitars, strings and choirs in my rhythms. When the vibration transcends through my system it feels like the ultimate orgasm. Heavy drums, bass, grunge and screams.. Oh god, that’s the art of seduction! Ya!

GB: In the dark-music article I compared you to Tommy Lee Sparta. Is #DANCEHALLEMO the new gothic dancehall?

SP: Man ´dark music´ was a great article, thanks for making me a part of that.  Tommy Lee is an exceptionally talented visionary so I wouldn’t compare the two. Comparison may begin to sound like competition and I’m running no rat race.

GB: Dancehall and reggae are major motors for the development of music, with a huge impact worldwide. What can you say about the current developments in the Jamaican underground? In which directions do you think it will move?

SP: Dancehall overall is a movement that’s been around before I was born, so yes with great pride I can say I’m part of this musical journey in which I can make my contribution to and impact on our worldwide fraternity.

The underground music in Dancehall and Reggae is on the come up. It’s not like back in time when you had to burn a numerous amount of cd’s to sell a record or give away songs in order to be heard. You can pretty much stream your music on a number of different media outlets. The only con with it that is most artists don’t spend time on getting quality over quantity, so it makes it hard for the audience to want to open an ear for an impeccable talent.

A positive thought on any direction it decides to move in… I cannot predict Dancehall and Reggae’s changes. One-minute dance songs a run di place ha ha, next could be one drop, who knows. I just stick to my blueprint and keep it pushing. You feel me? I love every aspect of the genres so I’m in good faith that we can only elevate.

GB: You are a very multi-skilled artist, creating artistic concepts, producing music, writing lyrics and performing live on stage. Which role is most important to you?

SP: Thank you, Thank you Victor.  I must be bright as day, dark as night. He he aaah if I could live on stage I would. Creating is awesome but there’s nothing like being on stage transcending ones message so the universe can receive it chant and dance in harmony.  As a master in the universe of thou majesty, one must know their true divine purpose. Omen.


“Savana performing with a live band”

GB: You have collaborated several times with producer-DJ Champion Rocka, how would you describe your artistic bond with him?

SP: Yes, Steve is not an ordinary producer. His dreams are very extreme. And you can hear it in his sounds; really grand I admire his drive and motivation. Working with him has always been a great pleasure.  Mad minds are masterminds so we kick ass. Ya dig it?

GB: Could you give us some hints of things we can expect from you in the near future?

SP: Oh yea, in the near future please look out for my Album called OMEN.  It was set to release this year but I’ve stumbled over some minor obstacles; that caused a set back. But I’m shooting to have the release early next year. I’m always dropping new joints otherwise so keep it locked and tuned into my media outlets.  I have a few music videos’ that’ll be dropping pretty soon for songs like Ancient Warrior, Possessive and Chant N Sing.


Check out her freshest release here, produced by Salvatori Beats!

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