Really cool Arabic mix here from DJ Business Class dropped for Dis Mag a few months back which I caught up with this week.

Features material from a lot of underground artists, some of whom I included in my Arabtronix Volume 5 Mixtape (see below) and also Generation Bass Electro Chaabi dudes. The last track steals it for me from Syrian vocalist Sarya Sawas, absolute killah!

1. Dj Khaled Al Masri
2. Dj Wolfulis Hamada Enani – The Madness 2015
3. Metwa & Saif – I hit myself
4. 808 Mafia – Danny Glover (Young Thug) Instrumental 2014
5. Future – March Madness prod. by 808 Mafia 2015
6. Unknown (Cairo)
7. Dj Amr 7a7a – 50 cent in da club remix
8. Dj Figo
9. Maurice Louca – Malnash Diyah (Spineless) 2014
10. Dj Bouchra al [inaudible] – Unknown mix 2012
11. Tarek al safa7 – remix 2012
12. Dj A7mad Al Da5eel – Volcano remix 2013
13. Sarya Sawas – Just listen to me your driving me crazy 2011

DJ Business Class aka Lawrence Abu Hamdan lives in Beirut, Lebanon and his work frequently deals with the relationship between listening and politics, borders, human rights, testimony and truth through the production of documentaries, essays, audio-visual installations, video works, graphic design, sculpture, photography, workshops and performance. Abu Hamdan’s interest with sound and its intersection with politics originate from his background in DIY music.

Find out more about him HERE

If you enjoyed this mix, you might wanna check out my Arabtronix 5:

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