There are three types of nostalgia: 1.) the one that keeps one’s view permanently directed backwards without any appreciation for the present 2.) the one that tries to strictly immitate or sterilely conserve something from the past in the present, and  3.) the one that uses the past as an inspiration to get out of a present creative deadlock and open new ways to new things. While the first and the second types have brought most of contemporary culture to an almost absolute standstill, the third sometimes necessary to prevent that same culture from such imminent disaster. We know all about that here at Generation Bass. And when Classical Trax, the internet community that hosts the most creative individuals in music on te planet, launches an 8-channel compilation project, you know that culture is on the brink of being saved.

The rules were basically as follows: “make something as crazy and exciting as possible with onlly 8 recording tracks with only one effect per track.” The result is a wildly diverse 9 tracks counting compilation from a varied range of producers from different parts of the world. And even though bringing back the restrictions that bring back the struggles from less convenient days of music recording is a ‘retro’ thing in principle, this project is quite the opposite of ‘retro’ in the kitschy sense of the word. Nowhere it tries, not even pretends, to recreate any glorified oldskool sound of a particular genre, scene or time. Instead, the restrictions are meant to challenge creativity by eliminating all the polished, pre-fabricated tricks that contemporary producers have at their disposal.

And it worked! Elements of many different genres and flavours are found, including jersey and baltimore club, grime, house, techno, hiphop, 80s synth, reggaeton and industrial, blended together in a way that is – as usually in the trax scene – at the same time incredibly catchy and incredibly uncategorisable. Coming with the rawness of times when the sounds that eventually survived into the present yet had to solidify, 8 Channel Trax gives a surreal peek into a past that never was and, thus, into a future that may be.


1. Dreem Tran’sBacklash

2. Morten_HDHORNDEM (8ch VIP)

3. Dj TucoYayaw

4. Pardon – Vibre

5. Mojo GoroOasis Groove

6. SxmbraTrax Machine


8. PodlipnyB8trak

9. Graffititech006


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