Another great mix here from our Hottie Head Honcho from the HotGem label (that sounds catchy, she ought to use that 🙂

Starts off in terrific ambient mood setting the scene for a great journey into HotGem Land. Features Ruff Sqwad, Nancy Sinatra, Chaka Khan, her matey Koreless, Pusha T, classics by Raze, Caribou, her artists Machines in Heaven, Indian shit like Rahul Dev Burma, Hudson Mohawk, Syrian Dabke, Saint Etienne, some Gen Bass stuff too and so much more.   This is the kind of diverse and wide-ranging mix we love here at Generation Bass cause it kinda epitomizes what we’re all about.  She’s just recently started creating mixes and I gotta say she’s def got a knack for it, keep them coming Clair.

HotGem – Everybody hustlin’ mix by Clair Crawford on Mixcloud

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