#Future Tarraxo


Here’s a mix I did paying tribute to a great new sound that I’ve been falling in love with for the past few years, #FutureTarraxo.

The term “Future Tarraxo” first came to my attention via a track so named by Bison on his Wave of Tarraxinha EP that we released a while back.

As soon as I heard Bison’s sound, I was just head over heels in love with it. In forging this sound, he borrowed a lot of inspiration from the great DJ Znobia but he took it to the next level. Hence why his first EP was called “The Wave of Tarraxinha” suggesting a New Wave had hit our shores and indeed, it had.

This was a new sound albeit it was born and built upon the sounds of before from Angola – Tarraxinha, Kizomba, Zouk & Tarraxo.

Bison formed a partnership with Portugal’s Squareffekt where they both nurtured this sound to include a European Club vibe. They released 2 EP’s which defined this sound “Odyssey of the Mind”.

Others came along taking this sound as an inspiration and they did their own take on it such as Photo Romance. Whilst, another, Tilha was doing something similar but took it an altogether different and much darker, gothic direction.

Then the most famous name of all in this micro-scene, Arca (who has produced both Bjork and Kanye West) dropped some #FutureTarraxo from out of nowhere with a devastating impact.

Arca didn’t call it #FutureTarraxo and none of the numerous publications who covered it on-line (given his Bjork & Kanye fame) knew what it was or what to call it.

We knew what it was, we knew what to call it. There is no denying that this was #FutureTarraxo 100%! Having checked Arca’s soundcloud page around that time, I could see that he had been checking out some of the producers in the Portuguese Bass Underground and so this further confirmed to me that “Thievery” was a deliberate take on #FutureTarraxo!

To me, it is an evolving sound, nothing else sounds quite like it and I’m really interested to hear where its evolution will take it to in the coming years.

This mix is made up of mostly Bison and Bison & Squareffekt tracks with a few by Tilha and one each by Arca & Photo Romance. It is underpinned by the spirit of DJ Znobia, as it could be argued that this sound might not even exist were it not for him.

Space Age Beats from Africa, born in Angola, nurtured in Portugal and presented to the world.



#FutureTarraxo (Sept 2015) by Dj Umb on Mixcloud

A New, Mutant strain of African Diaspora soundtracked to the Future by:

1. Bison & Squareffekt – On it’s way to Orbit [Generation Bass]
2. Bison & Squareffekt – Voyager [Enchufada]
3. Bison & Squareffekt – Lightning on Jupiter [Generation Bass]
4. Arca – Thievery [Mute]
5. Bison & Squareffekt – Saturno [Generation Bass]
6. Bison & Squareffekt – Praia Morena [Enchufada]
7. Bison – Ghetto Tarraxo [Generation Bass]
8. Bison – Dangerous Tarraxo [Generation Bass]
9. Tilha – Nada Importa [White]
10.Tilha – Hole [White]
11.Antae – Alma (Photo Romance Remix) [Regional]
12.Bison & Squareffekt – Night Crawlers[Generation Bass]
13.Bison & Squareffekt – Futura [Generation Bass]
14.Bison & Squareffekt – Solaris [Generation Bass]
15.Bison & Squareffekt – Magnetism [Generation Bass]
16.Bison – O Demonio Do Tarraxo [Generation Bass]
17.Tilha – Tarraxo N’Zouk [Generation Bass]
18.Tilha – Esta Noite [Generation Bass]
19.Bison & Squareffekt – Passengers [Rimas & Batidas]
20.Bison & Squareffekt – Neon Lights [Rimas & Batidas]
21.19.Bison & Squareffekt – TGYP [Generation Bass]
22.Bison – Future Tarraxo [Generation Bass]
23.Bison & Squareffekt – Odyssey of the Mind [Generation Bass]









A great, atmospheric chilled bass number here by Salt Lake City producer Khensu who imbues his tracks with an icy cool Transnational Ambient vibe.

This one has an Arabic flava:

And this one with more of a Far Eastern Oriental vibe:



If you wanna know what’s going down in India from a Bass perspective then you can’t go wrong by following Nucleya’s movements.

Nucleya was an integral part of Generation Bass Artists’ “Bandish Projekt” in the very early days but then the boys went their own ways and here is where Nucleya is now with his projects. He has tended to focus on the more commercialized & Americanized vision of Bass music, more EDM than Europe’s Electronic Underground which is where the Bandish Projekt are currently at. However, both retain their Indian roots in large measures.

This EP features a number of collaborators, most notable for GB readers will be Denmark’s Julius Sylvest on “Mumbai Dance” which takes a bit to get going but once it does, it’s like an express train! kinda reminiscent of that classic Duke Dumont “Hoy” track which still kicks some major, major ass!

The stand-out for me though is the opener “Laung Gawacha” feat. Avneet Khurmi, this one gets my vote.

If you like your beats “stadium” phat, with huge drops and with a Spicy Indian flavouring, then this is for you:

Maramza : Toffee Shoes [#Future Kwaito]


South Africa’s Maramza has turned in another delicious cut, this time focusing on the #Future Kwaito sound. This is really funky with an 80’s vibe about it.

He’s also currently working on a remix for an upcoming Generation Bass release, I & the Artist just can’t wait to hear it! Until then soak in the mellow, sexy vybz of this beauty!

Maurice Louca, Rozzma & other Space Jamz


Great new mixtape by Phil Battiekh from Switzerland who has been involved in the Egyptian music scene for a few years now. The mixtape takes in stuff from the Egyptian scene from dudes like Maurice Louca, Rozzma, Figo and Islam.

1. Sharraq Rah Tegharrab (It Will Set)- Maurice Louca feat. Alaa 50
2. Mahragan El Samakeen – Oka w Ortega
3. unknown – Figo & Islam Cheetohs
4. Al-Mallahat (Salt Pans)- Maurice Louca
5. Raqset El Fada (Dance of Space) – Omar Khorshid
7. Brinsss (برنس)- Rozzma
8. Youniverse – Machine Drum
9. El Ragl Da – Al Madfa3geya
10. Al-‘Asr Adh-Dhahabi (The Golden Age)- Maurice Louca

Roundup #1


I haven’t been doing roundups for a long time since my time is scarce. Today I have some time left and I’ll keep you updated on what i’ve hearing.



Ripley : Rise and Shine Mixtape


Great mixtape here made up of a lot of great Dancehall tracks but also including most other trans bass genres such as Gqom, Afrobeat, Baile funk, Kuduro, Jersey Club and so much more.

Ripley is one of the most intelligent, level-headed and ethical Dj’s I have had the pleasure to meet on the internet and also one of the most important. If there’s one person I would back down from a debate, it’s likely to be this person as most of the time, her POV is the most sensible and pragmatic.

She has collated nearing on 50 explosive tracks in this tremendous mix which keeps you engaged from start to finish.

That ‘More Ganja” song always has me in stitches!

“Destination: Stratosphere! Don’t let the villains bring you down! RISE AND SHINE”

1. Temptress Too Long Maramza
2. Agulo Wo (Rmx) Afrikan Roots ft. Silyvi & Bebucho Q Kuia
3. Terminator (Max le Daron Afrobeats Remix) Famous Eno x Rubi Dan
4. MAK3 LOVE (Original Mix) CVNT TRAXXX
5. Lucy (Soca 2015) Destra Garcia
6. Bottom Power (Prod by Nshorna) Slim Kofi
7. Rollercoaster Oliver twist riddm Afrikan Boy & D’banj D’banj
8. Oliver Twist (Remix) Estelle, D’Banj
9. More Ganja (Oliver Twist Yard Remix) Stylo G feat. Warning
10. Nzendi Wakabi SK Simeon
11. Aki Special Remix Uproot Andy
12. Som Sista (feat. Anbuley) Atropolis
13. Bacanisimo (By L-Vin) Wilo D con Bubloy
14. Tarzan El Alfa ft. La Materialista
15. Wossop remix ft Kwaw Kese (Prod by Brundai) Bradez
16. Harissa (Lewis CanCut Remix) [Allmostt Master] Jabo
17. Recebe (Afro House) – Black House Gaia Beat
18. Estracϼalho (Vocal Vibe) Original Mix DJ Satelite
19. Baile Somebody Sango
20. Dj Tide – Mãozinha de Hipoglós Frente Bolivarista
21. Aqui Pra Voces (Mastiksoul Samba Remix) Buraka Som Sistema
22. Controlando Mr Profeta & Filipe (Prod By Breyco)
23. Damelo Chimbala Ft La Insuperable
24. Got Your Money DJ Deekline & Red Polo
25. Pisicodelia (Nego Mozambique Remix) Zuzuka Poderosa & Kush Arora
26. Bitch 3F3XT
27. This Bass Thing is So Real Ghetto Drop Playa Poncho & La Sno
28. Bad Ass Bass Heavyweight Crew
29. Hai Hai Punjabi Hit Squad/Satwinder Bitty feat Ms Scandalous
30. Dulahin (Prod._By_StarBlu_Entertainment) Drupatee
31. Switch Vibes Sekon Sta
32. No Control Skinny Fabulous
33. Macaco Mala Noche
34. Latin Soul (Banginclude Remix) Ralfi Pagan
35. Quiero Sudar (Rizzla Crash Edit) Super Don Miguelo
36. Work It (King Kong Goes Duro Remix) Missy Elliott
37. Shots – Keysound Recordings Detboi
38. O Matumbo Dj N.K.
39. Made In Brazil DJ Marfox
40. 3Ball Groove FLV$H
41. Avocado Jah9
42. Burn Dem Hat+Hoodie
43. Ai Nadia Octa Push feat. Oumou Sangare
44. Hebe Ckrono & Slesh
45. The Next Episode (Rajeev Gualtiero & Ridalio bootleg) Rajeev Gualtiero
46. Zion’s Speech The Clerk feat. Milangeles
47. Baddest Little Filly Marcy Chin
48. Bahea! Lucio K
49. Rude Master Pa Kongal

Osanno – Apophis [ Egyptian Neuro-Trap]


This is a bit of alright!!!

Lover of new micro-genres and making shit up, here’s some Egyptian Neuro-Trap. The world is a much happier place with new genres. A new micro/sub-genre a day keeps UMB at play 🙂 I just love new shit!

Seriously, this kicks some ass! Kinda takes me back to 90’s Transglobal club sounds and a souped up bassier Buddha Bar with a 2015 make-over!

“Apophis (/ˈæpəfɨs/; Ancient Greek: Ἄποφις; also spelled Apepi or Aapep) was the ancient Egyptian deity who embodied chaos (ı͗zft in Egyptian) and was thus the opponent of light and Ma’at (order/truth).”

Mixpak FM: Lechuga Zafiro


Here’s something from Uruguay with a bigger bite than Luis Suarez, this mix by Uruguayan producer & DJ, Lechuga Zafiro dropped for the ever impressible Mixpak.

Here’s what they say:

“Mixpak FM 089 comes from Uruguayan producer & DJ, Lechuga Zafiro. His productions and remixes aren’t far off from the description provided by one of his tracks, ‘tambores mutantes’ – industrial and percussive, with a strong ground in latin american sounds. It’s no surprise, then, that he’s a NAAFI affiliate, with tracks on their Pirata compilation. He’s recently launched his own label out of Montevideo, named Salviatek, which seeks to release music that “reminisces candombe drumming while bringing it into a club context”.

His Mixpak FM shows the scope of his influence – from afrobeats instrumentals to demos from London producers, baile funk to kuduro.”

Vortex 2015 – Sirian street, Yemen explosions, Ferguson Street, Nadia acusa a Javier Duarte

Paleta Vem (Lechuga Zafiro montaje) – Kamixlo x DJ Lula Do Jaca

Olodoom – Lechuga Zafiro

Mobileboy – Dinamarca

Bunda Pra La, Bunda Pra Ca – Mc VN

Baafira (Instrumental) – Stonebwoy

Gyal Bumpa – Eshconinco ft The 5 Love

Mo Pain Sm Cuff Ya Girl Refix – Papi Ice

Recovery Drums (demo) – MM

Sabolada ft Dj Mika – Dj Estraga

Spatina F – Lechuga Zafiro

2k15 (inc) – Mambos Do Ghetto

Sink (Imaabs Remix) – Creep$ide

MVDombe (Lechuga Zafiro Remix) – Pobvio x Diamba

Lambe o Cano – MC Pedrinho

Rain Theme – Kid Antoine

No Oto Mo Awa – Lechuga Zafiro

Spirito Sarrando (w/ Mc Marcelly & Dufay/Savall) – Kablam

Strings Hoe Refix – Traxmatik x Dizzee Rascal

Cai Com a Bunda Aqui – MC Robinho

711 Version (Instrumental) – ??

Wild War – Lechuga Zafiro

Essential EPs #6


After 5 successful ‘Essential EPs’ selections, started almost a year ago, we tried to do it differently this time and post the EPs (including albums & compilations) as immediately as possible when they come out and only list the best of them here as essentials. That means, no more extensive reviews in this series. If you’re curious what we have to say about a release, go to our earlier review via the link. We’re still running behind and a new list of essentials has already come out before I was even able to assemble this post. Expect #7 on the blog within a week!

Previous essential EP’s >> #1 ; #2 ; #3 ; #4 ; #5

1. ANGEL-HO Ascension EP (Halcyon Veil)

ANGEL-HO’s tracks feature elements such as eery soundscapes with lots of reverb, gabber and speedcore kicks, vocal samples and combat sounds from videogames which together harmonise into rhytmical patterns that sometimes resemble styles like baile funk, afrobeats and grime but almost never becoming conventional beats. This continuous movement between rhythm, consciously crafted near-chaos and broody, tense ambient creates a unique experience. It communicates a subconsious message of protest so powerful that it can bring down the world as we know it, yet so elusive that it cannot be boxed in and controlled.



2. Elysia Crampton American Drift (Blueberry Recordings)

…apocalyptic synths and videogame sounds as well as elements of crunk, cumbia, 3ball, baile funk, Bolivian metal and Andean huayno […] an extremely powerful transdencental experience.



3. Alfonso Luna Tribal Prehispanico LP (KUMBALE)

…“you’ve got tribal and you’ve got Alfonso Luna, that guy is on a whole different level.” – Erick Jaimez



4. Mr One Hundred Calypso Fugitive (Mixpak)

His brilliant and unique fusion of Soca with Techno is a massive thing just waiting to happen and dominate dancefloors across the world.



5. BLVCK Sounds of the Apocalypse EP

Woe is ye, you have been warned!




6. 8-Channel Trax (Classical Trax)

Elements of many different genres and flavours are found, including jersey and baltimore club, grime, house, techno, hiphop, 80s synth, reggaeton and industrial, blended together in a way that is – as usually in the trax scene – at the same time incredibly catchy and incredibly uncategorisable.



7. DoomBahTon Vol.1 (Monsters of Doomcore)

His idea to fuse dancehall, moombahton and industrial hardcore connected with me as something the times are ready for. A bridge between worlds.


[bandcamp width=100% height=120 album=757875168 size=large bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5 tracklist=false artwork=small]


8. Monotronique Grindhouse EP (Pear Drops)

The 4 pioneering tracks of Grindhouse EP will continue the throat-grippingly thrilleresque as well as futuristic experience with a blend of grime, dark twisted avant-garde club and industrial sound effects!



Let’s finish it with two releases we’ve been sleeping on but still recent enough to include..

9. Sonidos Profundos Malandrena (Regional)

Sonidos Profundos, cumbia-bass alrounder from Lima, Peru, is an old Generation Bass favourite from the Sexxy Saturday Cumbia era, and a member of the Lima based labell & collective Terror Negro Records. After about a year of Soundcloud-silence he made a comeback last month with an impressive release via our Chilean friends at Sello Regional. Malandrena is everything that digital cumbia should be in 2015: devoid of fixed formula’s, diverse in terms of influences and sounds, energetic as well as melodic and even hypnagogic here and there. Appearances are made by some of our favourite artists from the latin-bass scene such as El Catorce, Dash SLKTR and Tribilín Sound.

Regional was one of my favourite labels last year and because of all the new avant-garde club thing going on I seem to be losing track (in terms of blogging) of what they’re doing this year. They definitely need to stay in the spotlights and you can expect a lot more from them in the coming months.


10. Erick Jaimez Sonando Poblano (KUMBALE)

Erick Jaimez‘ new EP came out almost simultaneously with Alfonso Luna’s EP, also on KUMBALE and I had to choose which one to blog so I chose the newest one. But this one definitely would have deserved a separate place on the blog as well.

Sonando Poblano is classic Erick Jaimez, uptempo as well as ‘rebajada’, passionate, danceable and reflecting above all the vibe of contemporary Dallas: a sound to stay!