The producer Ruxell, from Rio De Janeiro, created the EP Future Bass. The idea is remixing old track of baile funk culture in a 2015 way. To do this job, he asked for good friends producers to help him, and this week he is releasing the LAST TRACK WITH GENBASS. I spoke with him about each track, check the exclusive Bolango with WellStack. (we already write about WellStack here)

How was the project?

Working with artists from several places was something magical to create a differentiate sound on this EP. I am very grateful to everyone who participated and contributed their time, dedication and creativity throughout the process.

Ruxell x Rocky Wellstack – Bolango

This is a exclusive track for the GenerationBass. I made the connection with Rocky Wellstack, from Netherlands, which became a big partner. A great kid, too funny and oddly enough, he has a great feeling about baile funk, even being a foreign. We try to maintain the ideia of Funk Carioca feeling with the Favela Trap, however, we drop a really fun vibe and what prevails is the Tamborzão and lyrics. By the way, the lyric is very funny.

Ruxell x Atman – Sensação

Working with my blood-brother is always very good and convinient, we have a great understanding and live together, so whenever we sit to produce something things go quickly and easily. There was no different producing the revival of classic track Sensação. Mix my footprint Trap style with his Future Bass style resulting this remix.

Ruxell x x MC Marginal Men Bin Laden – O Faraó tá de R1

This was undoubtedly one of the most different and crazy collaborations I’ve ever done. Work with Marginal Men is always very cool and even more with the MC Bin Laden together, the MC is the face of KL Produtora. They allow the acapella for us of Bin Laden’s music already released (“Faraó Tá De R1”) and we decided to recreate it putting some wobbles, a more dark footprint and it worked very well.

Ruxell x Flying Buff – Tchunarubleize (Rap do Trabalhador)

I dispense comments to my brothers Flying Buff. A great duo from São Paulo that is doing a great job and we always had wonderful results when we join to make a collab and this time wasn’t different. I draft a brief idea to them about this great classic Carioca, and they excited since from the start, broke everything with his ideas and it has worked very well on clubs.

Ruxell x Menz – Nosso Sonho

Menz is a young producer of Bass House and UK Garage. We known each other since a childhood, we always had a feeling to mix the styles and this time he came with the idea of ​​reviving this great song by “Claudinho e Buchecha”. I can say from that song I could set the style of this EP and call it as “Future Funk”. This was one of the tracks that most surprised me by its originality.

Ruxell x Heavy Ball – Bonde dos Carecas

Heavy Baile crew was a fundamental participation in the EP because they’re a crew on RJ doing a great job with the Funk Carioca, in a totally hot and current form. I had the collaboration of DJ Dorly and Leo Justi on this track, where we had a successful in mixing classic Voltmix and Favela Trap.


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