These dudes contacted us through our Generation Bass Facebook a few weeks back just before their brilliant new EP dropped but I only today managed to gain access to our page and see their message after being AWOL from FB for some time.

Friendships consist of Nic and Misha who describe themselves as an Audio/Visual duo from Australia. They have been following Generation Bass’ forays into all things Kuduro, Tarraxo and more recent off-springs from those genres and say they have been playing heaps of stuff from our pages in their club sets in their home country.

For their new EP they have taken inspiration from the Industrial leanings of #Future Tarraxo and Kuduro (Nazar & Only Now stylee) and have come up with a blistering 2 track club monster.

I think they have taken that inspiration and run with it. They have managed to capture that same Post-Apocalyptic raw energy, excitement and breath-taking new dimensions that producers based in Angola, Portugal and other parts of the world have recently been taking these genres to.

This is the kind of cross-over I have personally been dreaming about for a few years and it’s great that this stuff is catching on around the world!

Just check this!

Here’s a freebie too:

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