I really can’t describe to you how much I really love what this dude Mr One Hundred does, he’s definitely one of my favourite new producers from the past few years. His brilliant and unique fusion of Soca with Techno is a massive thing just waiting to happen and dominate dancefloors across the world.

He blew me away with his first EP “Palm Tree Destruction” over a year ago and he has managed to maintain that same brilliance for his latest release.  Here’s what Mixpak say:

“We’re excited to announce the second Mixpak release from London-via St. Louis producer Mr One Hundred – Calypso Fugitive. Building on the work of his first record for Mixpak, Palm Tree Destruction, Mr One Hundred continues to play with the boundaries of soca music, exploring frenetic rhythms and spirited, uplifting crescendos.

A product of his storied history in dance music, Calypso Fugitive finds Mr One Hundred exploring the fruitful regions between soca and Detroit techno à la Juan Atkins and Omar S. With soca as a container for his musical ideas and influences, Mr One Hundred is making Caribbean-inspired music that pushes against neatly defined genres, employing an overtly dubbed out palette and halftime rhythmic elements to great effect. Steel pans, whistles and cowbells pepper the slow builds that drop into percussion-drenched breakneck euphoria.

Perfect for a sweaty basement club or a carnival set, Calypso Fugitive plays with everything that soca inspires, in a uniquely Mr One Hundred way.”

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