Arabs With Synthesizers isn’t the name of the release but the name of the dudes who mixed these tracks by Egyptian Electronic band Zaed Naes but I loved the way it sounds and so I included it as part of the main heading.

Zaed Naes say this about themselves:

“Our music does not sit in any time zone or on any map.
It is an ever evolving melting pot mixed by us and our
collaborators, we add a bit here and subtract a bit from there.”

They feature a variety of vocalists including Maii Waleed, the subject of our previous post. I love the tracks they have done with her, they are unbelievable, sounding like Future 80’s Middle Eastern New Wave!  Some comparison with Lebanese Trip Hoppers “Soapkills” and Middle Eastern Electro Pop pioneers“Yas” are inevitable!

They create an intoxicating blend of Electronica with Indie Dream Pop and Shoegaze sensibilities fused with the gorgeous Middle Eastern tongue.  Sounds like a delicacy and it is!!!

Here’s more with other collaborators:

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