Monotronique, the innovative producer from Kharkov, Ukraine, has been impressively productive this summer and here is back with a fresh EP again, now released via the relatively enigmatic Pear Drops Label based in Bristol (UK).

Grindhouse EP immediately tosses you into the middle of a grungy, neon-lit ally of a metropolis by night, where water trickles down from the walls onto the cracked asphalt street. A cloaked, hooded figure hides silently behind the containers in squatted position, with his back pressed against the wall. Two approaching figures, silhouettes against the glare of the main street, cast long shadows into the ally. Just as they are about to pass the container, the cloaked figure jumps up from his hiding place and with an ice-cold, crystalline sound, two katana’s are drawn from their shafts, shimmering in the dim blue light…

The 4 pioneering tracks of Grindhouse EP will continue the throat-grippingly thrilleresque as well as futuristic experience with a blend of grime, dark twisted avant-garde club and industrial sound effects!


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