We survived 2012. But we’re living in injury-time. The four horsmen are galloping across the earth with ever increasing intensity. Absolute power (the white horse), violent chaos (the red horse), economic and environmental collapse and increasing inequality (the black horse) as well and sweeping infectious disease (pale horse) symbolise the impending disasters converging into one single apocalyptic theater. Conspiracy theorists and religious sectarians add to this the horrors of an openly unfolding totalitarianism of the world’s elites, asteroid impacts, secret CERN experiments and a lot more, all about to manifest simultaneously in the critical period of the last week of September. And in the midst of this all, dark trap doom prophet BLVCK announces to release his Sounds of the Apocalypse EP on the 23rd of September, 2015.

At Generation Bass we’ve been fascinated by the theme of apocalypse and post-apocalypse since the very beginning of the blog and BLVCK’s throat gripping, earth shattering trap was a total eye opener for us when we first discovered it. Its ritual chants and mystical samples, accompanied by brutal basses, ice-cold leads and hammering 808s has paved a way for an entire, flourishing sub-genre of trap.

I reached out to him to ask him what he could say about the release, but the only word he gave me was “B O N U S.” The rest remains cloaked in secrecy. Perhaps there are codes, carefully manipulated into the news and unfolding of world events, revealing clues about the EP. Perhaps, at the moment it has dropped, we will know in retrospect that we have been warned but were blind for the signs that surrounded us. But until that day, we will not know.

While we wait in our underground shelters or prepare to bug out, we can already listen to his mixtape, BLVCK MAGIC #IV.

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