Since baile funk became a popular electronic music from Brazil, more sounds from brazilians start to show up. In the majority, ghetto styles as baile funk, tecnobrega, pagode baiano, carimbó and other variations, but, there are great producers in all Brazil making good music, and Orange Boy – from Goiás ,middle-west state of Brazil – is here to show it.
In this debut EP with 4 tracks – released by label Braza – the producer present his ability showing what he know to do. This isn’t a EP about a single genre. It is a mix: twerk, moombahton, electro, techno and other influences in four different tracks.
“Orange Boy” is producer and DJ, and he is showing his ability on pocket show at mixcloud.
Grab for free this EP, follow him and his activities, it worth for sure.

RadiOrange #2 by Orange Boy on Mixcloud

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